Advies Qi

Introducing Qi

Advies have designed a fund scoring methodology that is based entirely on quantitative analysis of a funds characteristics.

Using Quantitative Intelligence (Qi), we have removed emotional & behavioural bias from our fund selection process, instead we rely on hard data and analysis to score and select funds. We have created a weighted fund scoring system which looks at the fund's historic behaviours over different times scales, risk measures attributed to the fund, fund costs and further key fundamentals we have identified.

Every 6 months Advies rescore over 4000 funds, carrying out circa 1.2million calculations to produce 15 risk and term rated portfolios. Qi portfolios are created on appropriate fund platforms utilising all available funds.

Please click here for more information on the performance of our Qi portfolios. All returns are based upon actual data and scoring since January 2011

For further information on Qi please contact your adviser or email us at