Designed to manage your investment experience

Chances are that most existing investments have been chosen with minimal information and guesswork. Vie, on the other hand, is a quant-driven investment process created to enhance your experience, whatever the appetite to risk. No guesswork, no emotion, just cold hard facts, and logic – it’s how Vie’s wired.

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Vie is single-minded, driven by data. Removing emotional and behavioural bias from the fund selection process, Vie relies on this hard data and analysis to score and select funds.

Improve your investment, whatever your appetite to risk.

We believe risk is personal to each member and therefore Vie custom builds the best portfolio around your goals.

Why be average when you can be the best?

Vie doesn’t do average. Scanning the fund universe through time and comparing all funds (over 1.7m calculations over 5,150* funds) it employs a unique scoring algorithm to help ensure your portfolio is made up of the top-scoring funds.

*as of June 2022

Vie loves diversification

Vie is not emotional. There’s no crystal ball when investing, so instead, Vie makes logical long-term decisions.

Portfolio performance

Money never sleeps, and neither does Vie.

Once Vie has constructed your portfolio it continuously re-optimises. If there’s a better scoring fund available, it’ll recommend switching you into it at your next review. It’s totally relentless and agnostic - not loyal to any fund, only to you.

Please note: Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Capital is at risk. The value of the investment and the income they produce can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

The levels, bases and reliefs from taxation depend on the individual circumstances of the investor and may be subject to future change.